Musculoskeletal complaints and rheumatic diseases account for at least 15% to 20% of all visits to a physician. Because these problems are most often evaluated and treated by generalist physicians (internists, family physicians, and paediatricians) and physical therapists, it is essential for primary care providers to acquire an organized approach to the musculoskeletal examination.


          Virtrum Health's Musculoskeletal Assessment is a three-part vertically integrated curriculum designed to provide clear actionable insights for you:

  1. Screening musculoskeletal assessment (SMSE): a rapid assessment of structure and function;

  2. General musculoskeletal assessment (GMSE): a comprehensive assessment of joint inflammation and arthritis;

  3. Regional musculoskeletal assessment (RMSE): focused assessments of structure and function combined with special testing of shoulder, knee, neck, and low back.


          The patient's history is the essential first step in all musculoskeletal assessment and directs the focus of an appropriate assessment. The musculoskeletal physical assessment is used to confirm or refute assessment hypotheses generated by a thoughtful history. Since the assessment of nearly all musculoskeletal problems depends on the demonstration of objective physical findings, the musculoskeletal assessment has enormous importance. The patient's chief complaint and the clinical context will direct the initial choice of the screening, general, or regional musculoskeletal assessment.

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