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Better assessment for referrals.
Proven solutions for prevention.

A comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment combines scientific studies, sports medicine protocols, computer vision algorithms and machine learning abilities to provide clear actionable insights for you.

Preventive health focuses on wellness, health maintenance, and disease prevention. It includes general counseling regarding healthy habits and practices, and specific advice and testing tailored to the individual depending on personal and familial health risks.

The goal of prehabilitation is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture and repeated tasks. 

Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, whether positive or negative.

Virtrum's Approach

Virtrum Health empowers individuals to improve performance and reduce injury risk using objective, data-driven musculoskeletal evaluation utilizing cloud-based technology.Our cloud service automatically measures and scores mobility, stability, strength, and movement control according to evidence-based body movement patterns by real time marker-less 2D/3D computer vision analysis, providing data-driven, population specific, comparable scores accompanied with actionable, personalized exercising programs. 

About Virtrum

We go to work every day because we want to tackle the greatest health challenges of the 21st century.​

We want to shift healthcare from treatment of symptoms to prevention through 'Movement Intelligence'.


And we don't just want people to be "healthier". We want each individual's health optimized rather than just an asymptomatic average.​

It's not just athletes who need better prevention, treatment and recovery.

Although most believe that there is nothing more important than our health, few agree on how to measure it or how to report on it. Good health is something that everyone needs – and almost everyone wants – for themselves and their families, friends, neighbours, and communities. There is much that we have done, individually and collectively, to improve our health. Most of us consider ourselves to be in good or better health most of the time. Rather than just worry about our health or depend too much on modern medicine to “fix” every health problem, there is much we can do to improve our living conditions, improve how we live, and prevent or delay illness and injury. Improving our individual, family, and community health can feel good and be fulfilling; healthy living is not about denying ourselves the pleasures and meaningful activities of life – “all things in moderation, even moderation!”


Musculoskeletal Assessment


Motion Capture


Movement Recognition


Individualized Feedback


Personalized Prescription

Through Virtrum Health, my low back pain was gone and I was able to enjoy many activities with my family again.

Robert .G. Age 47

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